Young Drivers And Some Car Rental Tips

If you are a young driver looking to rent a car you may run into difficulties. Some of these companies are very cautious about renting cars to those under 25. The reason for this is because they think it is a big gamble; statistics show that those under the age of twenty five are more likely to have an accident. Some of the car rental companies will not hire their vehicles to young drivers while others will just charge them a higher amount. The good news is that you should still be able to rent a car even if you are young.


  • The policies in place regarding young drivers will vary from one car rental company to the next. Some of these companies will be happy for your business and wont’ have a problem at all. Some will rent to you provided you pay a higher price. If you want to get the best deals then you should shop around for them.


  • A recommendation from another young driver will save you a bit of time. Not only will you be able to find out which rental agents to try but also which to avoid. It is always better to get a recommendation from someone that you know instead of from a stranger.


  • Young drivers should always check out the internet for the best deals when it comes to car rentals. It is also a much more convenient way to check out the deals on offer from the various car rental companies if you have a look at their websites. If they don’t mention renting cars and young drivers then contact them to find out what their policy is. Think about setting up an email template that you can use to send to a number of different car rental companies if you are going to be contacting a few of them.


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