Window Tint Films

Window Tint Films ArizonaEveryone loves a room with big windows that let in plenty of light, but sometimes the sun streaming in can be too much of a good thing — it can burn you, dazzle you, and damage your furnishings. Yet it seems a shame to shut out the view with blinds, or by pulling the drapes. Window tint films can offer the perfect solution, as they block the sun’s harmful rays, while allowing you to enjoy everything that is going on outside.

Variety Of Types And Styles
Window tint films are fixed to the inside of your windows with adhesive, and consist of a polyester base and a scratch-resistant coating. They are extremely thin, even if they contain more than one layer of polyester to achieve a darker tint. Some types of film absorb the sun’s rays, and contain dyes, while others work by reflection, and are made with different types of metal embedded in the polyester.

As well as being made with a variety of materials, window tint films are available in a range of colors and styles. If you are more concerned with privacy, you can choose a darker tint, or you can have films that are almost clear, for maximum light. Some tints have a metallic look, for instance stainless steel or bronze, while some films can have patterns, and some can be frosted or opaque for bathroom use.

Immense Benefits
Whether for your home or your business, Solargard window tint films offer immense benefits, compared with other ways of shutting out the sun. In the home, two of the biggest benefits are the huge energy savings, thanks to reduced use of the air conditioner, and the corresponding increase in comfort. Not only is it so much cooler, but you also eliminate the glare, especially in the morning and evening. You can now enjoy the beauty of the setting sun without being blinded by its rays. In addition, of course, there is the big benefit to health, as the films block 95 percent of infrared rays and up to 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, which are most likely to cause cancer.

The benefits do not stop there, as Solargard provide window tint films with special safety properties, which mean you can feel much more protected in your home. The shatter-resistant formula not only makes it almost impossible for burglars to smash your windows, but in the event of a violent weather event, they help to keep broken pieces of the pane in place, and stop flames from spreading as well. In addition, the extra privacy prevents potential thieves from seeing your possessions on display.

Return On Investment
For the business owner, the benefits are just as great. Anyone who has tried to work in an office with the sun pouring through the window knows how difficult it is to cope with the heat and the glare. With window tint films, productivity could be doubled, and comfort enormously increased — not just for employees, but for clients and customers too. Add to this the massively reduced cost of air conditioning, and you can see how quickly you could achieve a return on your investment.

Why You Need A Professional
Although there are a wide variety of types and styles of window tint films, it can be difficult to choose without getting professional advice on the different benefits of each type. In particular, if you have dual pane windows, not all types of film are suitable. It is necessary to check the manufacturer’s restrictions carefully, and allow a professional installer to advise you as to which type of film is needed for your particular window.

Our company offers free no-obligation quotes right across the valley, and we can ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of Solargard window tint films, without affecting the outward appearance of your home. You are virtually certain to find your investment pays for itself in a few years, in terms of energy savings alone, in addition to the increased enjoyment of your home. Above all, you no longer have to fear the sun — it will become your friend instead of your enemy.