We Fix or Replace Screens

Insect ScreensThe Valley of the Sun can be hard on your home, including your window screens. Screens can fade and rot, making them easier to rip or tear. We service, build and design both bug screens and sun screens.

Insect screens are the most popular screens, and are most likely what was included when your windows were installed. They fit over the bottom portion of the window and prevent bugs from flying into your home while the window is open. We can factory order these screens to fit your window or custom build them in our shop.

Sun screens, however, better meet the needs of many homeowners in the area. These cover the entire window, and cost more eventually. However, they quickly pay for themselves through reduced electric bills and less damage to items inside the home. In addition, they provide daytime privacy for people inside the home.

We provide fast service to Phoenix and the surrounding area, using only the highest quality screens and materials for our custom frames. We can help you with screens for windows, storm doors and sliding doors. We offer free price quotes anywhere in the valley and free valley-wide mobile service to repair your screens.

Using the best products available to give our customers the most value for their money is important to us. This is why we use only Phifer.com screens in our sun screen products. This includes SunScreen 70%, Solar Screen 80%, Solar Screen 90% and Super Solar 90%. The SunScreen 70% is the most popular, providing an economical way to block 70% of the sun’s heat and harmful rays from your home. Solar Screen 90% and Super Solar 90% are two of the most effective products on the sun screen market today.

Each of the Phifer.com products features a ribbed screen weave. These weaves allow people on the inside to have clear visibility but prevents those outside from seeing in through the window. In addition to providing privacy, the screens block heat and glare even when the window is open.

Sun screens are a cost effective choice because they last longer than traditional insect screens and are more durable. They can also reduce other costs. This lowers the electric bill because less air conditioning is needed in the summer and more heat remains in the home in the winter. With less light coming through the windows, furniture and drapes are safe from sun damage meaning they will have a longer life.

People looking for window screen replacement or repair make up the majority of our customers. Every homeowner eventually has a screen that is damaged or begins to look bad due to age and fading. Insect screens in the valley are commonly ravaged by weather, faded by the sun, ripped by pets, accidentally torn during lawn care activities or otherwise damaged. Our technicians can repair or replace these insect screens with custom screens or factory replacement screens.

In the Spring and Fall, many Salt River Valley residents open their windows to provide air flow into their homes. This helps control the temperature without using the HVAC system, and saves money. During these times of the year, it is especially important to have intact insect screens to prevent bugs from entering the home.

We can fix many damaged bug screens at your home through our valley-wide mobile service. A technician will offer a free quote for replacement if the screen is damaged beyond repair. If you need new screens, we can order replacement window screens from the factory to replace the worn or damaged ones on your home or we can build screens to your specifications in our custom shop. We will also install the insect screens.