Paying The Lowest Prices For A New Car

If you go into a dealership and just pay the asking price for a new vehicle it is highly likely that you will end up paying too much. New car sellers will nearly always be prepared to drop the price of the car if they think it might ensure they get the sale. This means that if you fail to get a reduction you have paid too much. When it comes to new cars the tips below should help you to make sure you pay the lowest prices.


  • If you are hoping to get away with the lowest price for a new car then obviously you are going to have to know what this price is. The dealer is going to want to make a profit on the car and knowing this means that you know the dealer is paying a lot less for the car than he expects you to pay for it. It would be a good idea to know how much the dealer had to pay for the car when negotiating on the price. It is possible to do a search for the amount dealers pay for cars online.


  • In most instances the biggest reduction that a dealer will be prepared to give on a car is about 3%. Because the price of cars is quite high, this can work out to be a good bit of money in your pocket despite the fact that it doesn’t sound like much. For example, if the sticker price is for £10,000 you should be able to negotiate down to £9,700. That means you will be saving £300 which is much better in your pocket than the dealers.


  • Do push hard to get a reduction of more than 3%, but you have done well if you managed to get this.


  • The dealer will probably try to fob you off with extras but don’t allow this to happen. Be sure to agree the price before even beginning to bargain for any extras. You will always be better off with a cash reduction.


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