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Would you like $50 cash back with your window replacement? At Windshields of Arizona, we will hand you money just for allowing us to perform our high quality window replacement on your car. If you choose to get a window replacement from us, we will give you the reward you deserve.

In Gilbert, Arizona, insurance companies must offer their customers the replacement of a windshield if an accident occurs. We work with quite a few of the major insurance companies to provide quick and affordable windshield replacement for your car. If you have a policy with Geico, Allstate, AAA or Progressive, your insurance company would prefer that you come to us for assistance. However, we prefer that you come to us, because we know we can give you the top-notch windshield replacement you need.

As long as you have a $0 deductible on your policy, we will give you an instant $50 reward along with your new windshield. We want you to know how much we appreciate your business. Therefore, we want to make it easier on you to restore your vehicle to its original condition. If you file your claim now, you could have $50 cash back in your hands by tomorrow.

To receive assistance with a windshield replacement in Gilbert, Arizona, you have several options. You can complete the insurance claim for your auto windshield replacement online. You can also opt to call one of our numbers and ask one of our trusted representatives about the process. We will charge you nothing for a quote. Additionally, we offer valley wide mobile service just in case you cannot get to us. Our customers rave about the quality of our services and the speed in which we deliver them. Do not hesitate to call us about a future windshield replacement through your insurance company.

Windshield Replacement

There are a variety of circumstances that make windshield replacement a must. Cracks and other damages are obvious reasons to replace a windshield, but normal wear and tear can be a reason as well. Over time windshields can become scratched or hazy due to driving conditions and other factors. Being in an accident is yet another reason to replace a windshield.

It is important to maintain a windshield that is easy to see out of, it is also the law for most states, Arizona included. There is a specific process that is involved with replacing a windshield and it should always be followed verbatim. Taking on this job as a DIY project is a horrible idea if inexperienced and lacking special tools.

To successfully replace a windshield a specific set of extraction tools will be needed in order to avoid compromising the pinchweld. The pinchweld is a ridge that was designed to hold the windshield in place. When this ridge is bent even slightly the new windshield may not fit and allow the adhesive to properly seal.

Hiring a professional glass company is obviously important to ensure a lasting windshield and a job well done. A professional glass service will provide the correct glass, seals, clips, and adhesive along with the expert skills needed for a perfect replacement. After the old glass is removed it takes experience to apply the right amount of adhesive on the new windshield and pinchweld.

The seals must also be installed professionally to ensure the new glass stays put and does not leak. The slightest gaps or spacing can result with a leaky windshield that can cause rust and other damages to occur. Though it may seem easy to tackle windshield replacement, this job is better left to experienced glass replacement pros.


Windshield Chip Repairs

Sometimes windshield replacement can be avoided if the damages are not severe. Unfortunately rocks and other debris can hit a windshield and cause chipping in the glass. If left unrepaired chips can turn into cracks that gradually worsen. One way to avoid these cracks and the cost of replacing a windshield is to have chips repaired.

A chip repair may seem easy to do, but if not done by the pros there is no surety in its effectiveness. A professional glass repair requires special tools and materials to be successful. Though usually done in under an hour the process has a few steps that must be taken for a flawless repair.

The first step in the chip repair process is to drill a very small hole right in the middle of the chip. After drilling a special vacuum is used to remove any air that may have entered and created an air pocket. Using this special vacuum aids in a proper repair that is free from blemishes.

After the air is removed with the vacuum it is time to start the actual repair. A type of resin will be carefully injected into the hole that was drilled. Using a certain type of needle injector ensures the resin will be evenly distributed into the hole and then flow into the chipped area. This process is fairly simple, but if not done properly will result with a repair full of bubbles and other blemishes.

Once the resin has filled the chipped area it must be dried quickly with a certain type of light. The rays from the light will thoroughly dry the resin and make it ready to be buffed. After drying the repair technician will buff the repair so that it blends in perfectly with the original glass. Most repairs are considered permanent with little chance of ever cracking.


Auto Door Glass Replacement

Another repair often made to auto glass is auto door glass replacement. This entails a bit more work than repairing chipped glass. To replace door glass the interior door panels must be carefully removed and set aside. Depending upon the make and model of the vehicle this can be an easy or laborious task for the technician.

Great care must be given to prevent scratching the door panel or damaging it in other ways. Some panels are easy to remove and some can be rather tedious because of the methods of attachment. Once the panel is removed a technician must be careful of broken glass and make certain that fallen glass is easy to sweep up.

The clips and other tools used to attach the window must be removed or loosened in order to safely remove the pane. Again, this process will vary from one make and model to another. Doors with electronic windows will require certain steps to remove and replace the glass these steps will differ from windows that are crank operated.

Once the broken glass is removed the new glass is set into place and is attached to the proper components. Setting this glass perfectly in its designated spot will be important for all attachments to properly hold the glass. There is no room for error because the window may not be functional if mistakes are made.

After replacing the window a technician may check to make sure the window is functional before replacing the interior door panel. If it works properly the panel will be installed and any glass fragments will be vacuumed from the interior of the vehicle. Obviously replacing windshields and door glass is a job Gilbert residents should leave up to an Arizona glass technician. After all, perfection is key to perfection when it comes to auto glass repairs and replacements.

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