Free Windshield Chip Repairs w/ any New Windshield

Windshield Chip RepairGilbert Windshield Replacement provides free mobile rock chip repairs for the life of your newly installed car windshield. That is correct, after your car windshield is installed and afterwards you get hit by a rock, Gilbert Windshield Replacement will come to you and amend it free of charge. This offer is available whether you had to pay for your new windshield or your insurance company paid for the repair. We will not bill your insurance company for the windshield repair keeping you from having to file another windshield insurance claim.


Car Windshield Chip Repair Benefits:

  • It’s free of charge
  • Economizes the windshield from being forced to be replaced
  • Repairs can be accomplished in less than half-hour
  • Does not interfere with the windshield seal
  • Constructive integrity is not put at stake


A windshield chip repair is the procedure of taking out air and dust from the break and putting in a crystallized resin to fill the empty space. Once totally filled up, the resin is then toughened by exposure to ultraviolet radiation, reestablishing durability and keeping the break from spreading further. A windshield chip repair can only be performed on laminated glass such as automobile windshields. The resin is entered in-between the two layers of glass keeping the construction unimpaired.


Most windshields can be successfully amended if the break is smaller the size of a credit card. A windshield chip repair will not make an impact point fully go away; nonetheless it might cosmetically better by as very much as sixty to eighty percent. No two windshield repairs will come out alike. There are a lot of elements that determine the success of an auto windshield repair including the kind of break, the size, pollution, and the position of the break.


If the top layer of the windshield or safety glass does not break the whole way through, then a repair cannot be performed. Occasionally windshields get pitted and the top layer of the windshield does not completely break through therefore there is no place to put windshield repair resin. Nonetheless, windshield pits do not run the risk of breaking out either.