Mobile Auto Window Tint


Car Window TintThere are numerous reasons why you may choose to have auto window tint for your car in Arizona. State laws permit car owners to have optional 35 percent window film shade on the two front doors. You may opt to tint back door windows in whichever color you desire. However, the law specifies that windshield tints must begin from about 6” from the top going down. People tin their car windows for various reasons including:




High Performance Smoke Plus Series

Grey metal construction for superior heat rejection

Average heat rejection 45%

Excellent optical clarity while reducing glare

Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty




Auto Tint PricesAuto Window Tint Films



2 or 4 Door Sedans $170

2 or 4 Door Hatchback $180



Single Cab $130

Ext Cab $140

4 door $160


SUV’s & Van’s

Full Size $200

Mini or Midsize $190


Tint Removal

W/ Re-tint $50

W/O Re-tint $100


Note: Additional charges may apply for select sports vehicles with large and/or curved back glasses



Safety purposes
Car owners also favor auto window tint for its protection. During collisions, tint prevents the glass from shattering and protects the driver and passengers from possible cuts and bruises. It also helps to reduce glare from the sun or snow, and headlights from other vehicles, which can blind drivers leading to accidents.

Privacy Purposes
Car owners may also choose to install car window tint for enhanced privacy. Sun Teks high performance window tints come in different shade levels and colors depending on your preference.  Exceptional optical clarity from inside the vehicle gives you a clear view of the outside. Privacy is highly valued by celebrities, politicians and other public personalities.

Aesthetic Value
This is the most common reason why many drivers, mostly young ones, install auto window tint. This window accessory gives your vehicle a unique look, especially when you choose the right shade level and color.

Car Protection
Direct sunrays and heat makes fabric colors and textile fibers to deteriorate quicker. In particular, fine weaves and dark colors are susceptible to solar damage. You can protect your vehicles interior by using car window tint to reduce the amount of sunrays penetrating inside.

Health Concerns
You can tint your cars windows to protect your body from various health risks. This is especially true during hot summers when car temperatures may rise perilously.  Americans spend more than 500 million commuter hours per week in their automobiles according to the US Department of Transportation. All these hours inhaling gas fumes, dust and carbon compounds, is not very good to your body. Include UV rays from the sun and the entire concoction of pollutants suddenly becomes quite hazardous.

In January 2006, the Ecology Center in Michigan released a report that detailed the health concerns inside automobiles. Its findings showed that UV light from the sun could trigger some of the chemical compounds inside vehicle interiors to react adversely.  Hazardous fumes may lead to gradual development of health problems such as birth defects, impaired learning, premature delivery and liver toxicity. This is mostly due to the effects of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), popular fire retardants, and phthalates, plastic softening chemicals; both of which occur in internal car components.

During hot summer months, heat triggers a reaction from these chemical compounds found in car seat cushions, armrests, floor mats and other plastic components. However, car window tint can reduce 30-80 percent of the heat that penetrates inside your vehicle, offering significant protection from noxious fumes. The tint also deflects UV rays, which may cause skin cancer, from reaching the driver.