Windshield Warranty

Nationwide lifetime warranty with new windshield

Gilbert Windshield Replacement stands behind our automobile windshield installations, with a warranty that covers the car windshield for as long as you are the owner of the automobile which had the installation performed.

Our Commitment to Quality Installations-Our Company is committed to quality service for every customer that we perform windshield  installation services.  If for any reason you are not happy with your automobile windshield installation, all you have to do is make a simple phone call to us, and we will we set up an appointment to come to wherever your car is, and do everything possible to make it right.


Automobile Nationwide Windshield Replacement Guaranty:


  • Company failings-Any imperfection that is found to be a fault of the company that manufactured the windshield itself, will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the owner.


  • Craftsmanship-Our workmanship is guaranteed with every automobile windshield installation we perform. If there is an error on our part before, during, and up until the installation is completed we will correct the problem until your compete satisfaction.


  • Gaps in automobile windshield-Any gaps in the installation of your windshield that are found after you wash your automobile, or even after a heavy rainfall, we will repair or replace your windshield free of charge.


  • Loose moldings or loose parts-If the moldings around your car windshield become loose, we will come and repair and or replace the moldings for you free of charge.


  • Warranty against windshield cracks caused by flying rocks or pebbles-With every new automobile windshield replaced, Gilbert Windshield Replacement will repair any future damages caused by mishaps from flying rocks and pebbles while driving your car on local roads and highways. Break must be repairable and smaller than the size of a business card. Our free automobile windshield chip repairs are good for one or one hundred times on the same windshield. In addition, we will come to you to repair the chipped windshield unlike many of our competitors.


  • Our lifetime windshield replacement guarantee– We guarantee that for the life of the windshield, there will not be a crack that will travel further than the actual point where the windshield crack was repaired by our technician. If for some reason the windshield break ran from the point of repair we will credit the cost of the paid windshield repair towards a new windshield replacement. Gilbert Windshield Replacement has the most competitive car windshield replacement prices in the industry.