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Quality windshield replacement, superb workmanship and generous warranties are part of the great customer service at our auto glass company serving the Gilbert, Arizona, area. We offer skilled, professional work and great warranties in the rare case something does go wrong. Because mishaps can occur at so many different levels, we have individual warranties for each step of the way.

Manufacturer The company that makes the part might experience a malfunction. We deal with only high quality parts, but occasionally a defective component may slip past the inspectors. If one of our customers receives a part that is defective from the manufacturer and it cannot be repaired, the part will be replaced at no cost.

Workmanship- If a workman damages a part, it will be replaced or fixed without a charge to our customer. Our installers and crew are experts at their jobs. However, an occasional slip-up can occur. If it does, we fix it.

Air Or Water Leaks -When our team installs a windshield replacement, it will be air and water tight. Period. If ever water or air penetrates a seal, we will fix or replace it until it is perfect.

Loose Parts Or Moldings- Should any part of one of our installations come loose, including the molding around the windshield, we repair it at no cost. There is no reason for our customers to be inconvenienced. If this ever happens, we go to the customer.

Detached Mirrors- Occasionally, a rear view mirror might get unfastened or even completely detached during windshield replacement. In the unlikely event of that happening, we fix it. Again, we go to the customer.

Chip Repair -Just being on the road can be hazardous. If a windshield we have installed in our Gilbert, Arizona, service area receives a rock chip or is damaged less than the size of a credit card, we can repair the blemish. There is no cost to the customer. Nor is there any limit to the number of times we will repair a chip in a windshield we have installed.

If a repair is not effective or does not satisfy our customer, we will credit the cost of the repair toward the cost of windshield replacement. If an insurance company has paid for the repair, the credit will go to the insurance company. Our costs are the lowest in the industry, and our customer satisfaction the highest. Call today and let your favorite Gilbert, Arizona, auto glass shop give you a quote on windshield replacement.

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