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Windshields of Arizona is a company based in Gilbert, Arizona that specializes in Windshield replacement. They also go the extra mile in offering windshield chip repair and the best part is that they do it free of charge. If you have your windshield replaced by them, they will offer you free and unlimited windshield chip repair for life. Unlike other companies that require you to have insurance so that they can get reimbursed by the insurance company, Windshields of Arizona does it completely free of charge – with no strings attached.

In their effort to provide outstanding service, the company will also meet you at your home or work place to provide the chip repair service. The process of repairing the chips on the windshield usually takes less than 30 minutes.

The windshield chip repair process involves cleaning out the chip and removing the air. The chip is then filled with resin. An ultraviolet light is used to harden the resin. Once this process is complete – the windshield will be as strong as as durable as ever. It is suggested that you get a rock chip repaired as soon as it appears. If the chip is approximately the size of a credit card, the chances of a successful repair are very good. However, it should be noted that chips that spread and become too big are unlikely to be repaired. In almost all cases, the appearance of your windshield after a chip repair is not the same. However, the good news is that Windshields of Arizona chip repairs does provide an 80% improvement in the overall appearance of your windshield after the repair.

Trust Windshields of Arizona windshield chip repair services to provide quality and a speedy delivery of service. The company has been in business for many years, leaving a string of satisfied customers behind to prove that they are the best in this business.

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