Auto Glass Replacement Insurance FAQ’s

auto glass insurance coverageIs it necessary to first contact the insurance agent or company before having my auto glass replaced? No, Gilbert Auto Glass Replacement will help you file  your auto glass claim, verify coverage and schedule your free appointment with our mobile service.


What is auto glass replacement no fault insurance coverage? Arizona is one of the few states that offer this kind of coverage. Arizona law ARS 20-264 states that insurance companies that write comprehensive coverage must offer policyholders windshield replacement and glass coverage with a $0 deductible. In other words, a separate glass endorsement, with low cost premium; typically about $5-$15 a month and controlled by the Arizona Department of Insurance. Arizona law ARS 20-263 , includes the “no fault” insurance claim part which means that insurance companies cannot raise your rates due to any comprehensive windshield claims that was not caused by you. So, in Arizona, you can have a $250-$1000 comprehensive/collision deductible and still have a $0 deductible for glass. Many policyholders carry this kind of coverage without even know it.


Will this auto glass claim cause my insurance rates to increase? Auto glass replacement is a no fault claim. Meaning, if the cause of the break was not your fault or the cause of you, then insurance companies cannot raise your rates. According to the laws of the state of Arizona, your rates can not be increased due to this type of claim, whether the breakage was caused by vandalism, flying objects, gravel, high or low temperatures or other natural disasters.


Is your company an approved auto glass repair shop for my particular insurance? Yes.  Our company has the approval of all major insurance companies offering coverage in the State of Arizona.  In addition, Gilbert Auto Glass Replacements organization is a part LYNX Services and Safelite Solutions.  These two organizations work as administrators for many of the major insurance carriers. Regardless, as an Arizona insurance policyholder you have the right to choose your auto glass repair shop.


Do I need to pay an insurance deductible? Each policy is different, however, our company can help you to make a report of your claim.  Most Arizona comprehensive policies carry full glass coverage because Arizona offers this coverage at a very low premium rate by law. Many times, people carry this coverage without even being aware of it. If you do have a deductible Gilbert Auto Glass Replacement will waive up to $50 dollars of it in lieu of our $50 instant cash incentive.


Is it difficult to file a auto glass claim for this type of insurance coverage? Most of the time the claim can be filed with your insurance company in just a few minutes.  You can file a auto glass claim online or by phone to our local shop.


Are there any special deals offered for replacing a car windshield through insurance? With every car windshield replacement claim, our company offers a $50 incentive that is paid to the owner of the automobile.  If the car glass is fully covered through comprehensive insurance (and it is with most Arizona insurance) the owner of the automobile gets that money in cash at the end of the service.   There is no need to wait for a check to be sent in the mail like with most other auto glass repair shops.


Will my insurance company have to pay more because you give me the $50 instant cash? No.  The price we charge the insurance company is set by fair and reasonable contract pricing.  This rebate is not passed on to the insurance company. In addition, there will never be any additional out-of-pocket expenses to you.


Is it possible to get OEM (original factory glass) as the replacement for my car? There are several factors that figure into the answer to that question.  With some companies, factory glass is only allowed for cars that are only 1-2 years of age.  If your claim is filed in 2011, and your car is newer than a 2009 model year, it is likely covered.  Gilbert Auto Glass Replacement will attempt to meet this request through your insurance, but if not we can offer several other options to you.


My insurance company requires that the company replacing my auto glass be a member of Safelite Solutions or LYNX Services.  Do you qualify? Yes, we are members of both groups.


Do I have to stick with the company recommended by my insurance agency? No.  State laws in Arizona give the car owner the right to have their glass repaired at any auto glass repair shop in this state.  It is the agent’s obligation to tell customers that they can choose their own shop if they do make a recommendation for replacement of the windshield of the car.


What about insurance preferred companies for replacing the auto glass on my car.  Must I choose them? Not according to the law.  It is the right of the automobile owner to select their own company to replace their auto glass.  In addition, many such preferred companies are only preferred due to the benefits offered by the shop to the insurance agent, such as kickbacks or gifts.  Gilbert Auto Glass Replacement is accepted by all the insurance companies, we honor all insurance pricing, and provide  a lifetime warranty honored nationwide.  The cost to your insurance company is the same as your agent or insurance company preferred company but you get all the perks and not your agent.


Can asking about auto glass replacements or verifying the deductible cause me to pay more for my insurance? No.  This is not considered to be a claim. Furthermore, no fault auto glass claims will not affect your insurance rates, by law.


I only carry liability insurance.  Will it pay to replace my auto glass? No.  Liability insurance only pays for damage to other automobiles caused by yours.  It does not cover the glass on your car.  You can still benefit from our low prices and we also accept cash and debit cards as well as major credit cards.


Can I save money by having the windshield repaired instead of having it replaced? In many cases.  Several of the companies that insure automobiles waive any deductible for windshield chip repairs.  Some policies may carry a  comprehensive deductible as high as $1000 and do not include the $0 deductible auto glass endorsement.  With the deductible waived, the repair is done at no cost to the consumer.  State Farm insurance is one notable exception.  This company only covers the cost of windshield repairs if the policyholder has this special glass endorsement added to the policy.


What if the auto auto glass replacement cost less than my deductible? Auto Glass Replacement Prices are generally less than $250.  If your insurance has a deductible greater than this amount, it is usually better to pay the expense yourself rather than using the insurance.  We offer several ways to pay including cash, debit cards, and credit cards. We also offer special  auto glass discount offers to military personnel and senior citizens.


Are there other options to avoid the trap of the deductible? Arizona is one of the few states that requires insurance companies to offer their customers full glass coverage.  In most cases, this coverage is only five to fifteen dollars more each month.  If you are new to Arizona, your may not have realized that this is an option since it is not offered in most other states. Gilbert Auto Glass Replacement will waive any insurance deductible up to $50 dollars in lieu of the our instant cash incentive for car windshield replacements.


Does the insurance only cover the car windshield? Insurance glass endorsements offers protection for all the glass on a car including your windshield, door glass, quarter glass, vent glass, or back glass.  In some cases, the mirrors are covered by the policy as well.


Can the insurance company require that I have a chip repair rather than a full windshield replacement? No.  In most cases, the repair is the preferred method as it keeps the seal from the factory intact and saves your insurance company from incurring the cost of a new windshield replacement.  It can save both time and money.  Most insurance companies recommend a windshield chip repair for damages that are less than the size of a dollar bill.


Is it necessary to have an inspection of the damage by the insurance company before repairs are made? In some instances.  Some companies, notably, Geico, USAA and American Family are now requiring that random windshields to be inspected before authorizing the repair.  If your car is selected for the inspection, an adjustor or inspector must first verify the location and size of the damage to the glass.  Once verification is made, the insurance company authorizes the shop to do the necessary work.  This does delay the windshield replacement process.


What information is needed by the insurance company when a auto glass claim is reported? The identity of the car owner, information about the claim and the coverage are all gathered before authorization is made.  For more information about this process, visit our auto glass program page for a list of common questions that will be asked by your insurance carrier.


How long does it take to get an auto glass claim approval? Most of the time approval is given over the phone in fifteen minutes or less.


What about auto glass deductibles? Remember that most comprehensive insurance policies in Arizona include full glass coverage because the insurance premium is very low. Insurance policies can have a $250 comprehensive/collision deductible but a $0 deductible for the glass. Many policyholders carry this coverage without even being aware of it.

If there is a high glass deductible, the cost of your auto glass may be less than your deductible.  In this case, it will pay to obtain a free  auto glass repair quote for comparison.  Often times, if you have a auto glass deductible of $250 or greater, the cash price of a new glass could be less so you would not have to file a insurance claim.

When the deductible is less than fifty dollars, our company can waive that cost in lieu of our $50 cash incentive.


If I only carry liability insurance will it cover to have my auto glass repaired or replaced? No. Liability insurance policies do not include the option for full glass coverage. This coverage type is exclusive to comprehensive insurance policies. However, we do offer very competitive low cost auto glass quotes online. In addition, there are several ways you can pay, including cash, debit cards, and all major credit cards.


Are tints that are added aftermarket also covered? In most cases. If your glass was previously tinted with aftermarket tint, your insurance company will cover to have it reapplied. If your glass has illegal tint applied to it then your insurance company will only cover to have a  legal tint shade reapplied.  In addition, Gilbert Auto Glass Replacement offers aftermarket tint services for your convenience.