Windshield Replacement FAQ’s

Removing windshield from carWhat is included with my windshield replacement price? When you get a quote for a automobile windshield replacement, you can expect the cost to include; windshield, labor, installation, lifetime warranty, free rock chip repairs and our free valleywide mobile service.

Do I need any additional information when I call? Yes.  You should know the make of your automobile, its year and its model.  You might also have to give specific information regarding your car windshield.  For example, you might be asked if your windshield has a rain sensor, or if it is heated.

I think your car windshield replacement prices are very low.  Is this because you are using substandard parts? We never use second hand or substandard auto windshield parts.  Everything we use complies with FMVSS, the governmental body responsible for motor safety.  Indeed, the reason why we are so cheap is because of our overall business model.

What is the cost for you coming out to my house? NOTHING.  Our Valleywide service is free to anyone in Gilbert Arizona and the surrounding Phoenix metropolitan area.

How many hours does it take to complete an auto windshield replacement? Usually, we will be able to complete your auto windshield replacement in less than an hour.   However, there are times where it might take longer, depending on your car.

Do I have to be there for my auto windshield replacement? No, but you will need to give us oral or written consent authorizing us to work on your car.  This is because your vehicle must remain unlocked for us to do our job.  However, we will lock your car and return your keys after the replacement is complete.

What hours is Gilbert Windshield Replacement opened? Our operating hours are Mon. thru Fri. from 7 o’clock A.M. to 6 o’clock P.M.  On Saturday, we are open from 8 o’clock A.M. to 2 o’clock P.M

When can I schedule an appointment? You can do so at any time… even if you want your appointment on the same day.

Will there be a long wait for a car windshield installation? No, but we do adhere to a 2-hour time frame.  The best appointment times would either be in the morning or in the afternoon.  Again, we can make accommodations if necessary.

Can I expect a phone call before the windshield installer arrives? Of course.  Our professional technicians will call you fifteen minutes before they arrive and/or if they are tardy.

Can I drive my automobile immediately after the windshield replacement? No.  You should wait at least an hour before going out on the road.  This is because the urethane adhesives we use will need time to dry.  Note that these adhesives offer the fastest drying times of any urethane in the industry.

Windshield Safety Tip: Believe it or not, adhesives are actually the most important element in your auto windshield replacement.  Even if you decide not to use our company for your car windshield, make sure that whomever you do use only applies fast-drying adhesives and automotive grade adhesives.

Will I have any additional instructions to follow after my auto windshield replacement has been completed? Yes.   Do not pressure-wash your car for at least twenty four hours.  Also, leave your windows open about half an inch to release some of the air pressure.  Finally, do not slam your doors and remove any excess tape after twenty four hours.

Will bad weather affect my appointment? Yes.  If it is storming outside, we may have to reschedule your appointment.

I got in an accident, and my windshield broke into a million pieces.  Can you clean it? Definitely.   Our trained windshield installers will clear all of the glass inside and outside your car. However, they are limited to the power of the shop vacuum on there company van. Therefore, we always do recommend that you take your auto to a detail shop for extreme cases.

Should I use covered parking for my car? This is not a requirement, though if you can park in a shaded area, your windshield installer would greatly appreciate it!!

Can you put my existing stickers on my new car windshield? Sometimes, this is possible.  What we will do is carefully remove the sticker and then save its adhesive for the new application.   Note, however, that if you have military stickers, the process might be more challenging.  This is because military stickers are designed to break apart upon their removal.  If this happens, we will save all the pieces so you can exchange it for new stickers.

What about the rear view mirrors?  Will they be attached in the same area? Yes, because most windshields come with the bracket already applied to it. It just becomes a matter of removing the existing mirror and reattaching it to the new windshield bracket. Keep in mind, that most windshield rear view mirrors have two adjustments on them for easy repositioning.

Do you use trained windshield replacement installation technicians? We have to, as we want our customers to have the best windshield repair experience possible.  So, yes, all of our technicians have at least 5 years of experience in installing windshields.

Is your work guaranteed? Yes, as we give customers lifetime warranties against any defects in workmanship or manufacturing.

What if I decide to move? Will the warranty still be valid? Yes, as our warranties are nationwide.  If something happens to your auto windshield, feel free to give our company a ring.  We will make arrangements to get your windshield fixed at your nearest windshield repair shop.  The billing will become our responsibility.

Free Windshield Chip Repairs:  Our service offers free rock chip repairs, in the event your auto windshield gets damaged due to rocks on the road.  The only stipulation is that the damage can be no bigger than a business card.  If the damage meets this criterion, it will be repaired free-of-charge.  Just be aware that this is only available to individuals in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Will I have to worry about my automobile getting damaged during the windshield replacement? Definitely not.  Nothing on your car will get harmed during your windshield replacement.

Why won’t the window on my door work? When this happens, usually there is a motor problem.  But if your motor appears to be working normally, chances are something is wrong with your regulator.  In any case, since motors and regulars are often distributed as a combined unit, repairs on either of these can be costly.  But you would still save more money if you used our services.

Would I be breaking the law if I drove with a windshield that was broken? According to the laws of Arizona, if police believe your windshield is not safe they can give you a ticket.  So, yes, it is possible that you can get in legal trouble with a broken windshield.  However, even if you do get warned, you will be given five days to repair your auto windshield before getting fined.  This gives you plenty of time to address the problem, especially if you decide to use our company for the new windshield.  As stated earlier in our  FAQs, we are open 6 days a week, with very generous hours.  We understand that things happen, and if you are in a bind you need a company that you can depend on. We do not want anyone to have to spend hundreds of dollars on a citation when their problem can be resolved for a fraction of that amount.  The economy is just too bad to be giving the state court all your money.

Can I make special requests for my windshield? You are free to request whichever windshield brand you want, whether it is from your dealer or a particular factory.   Note, however, that you or your insurance provider would incur an extra fee if necessary.

How is a auto windshield manufactured? Windshields go through lamination process which involves conjoining two panes of glass with a vinyl layer in-between.   It is this vinyl sheet that gives the windshield its strength.  So, if your windshield gets hit by a rock, only the topmost layer suffers damage.

Which windshields does your company use? Simply put, only the best.  Our auto windshields either meet or surpass the qualifications set forth by the FMVSS.  As far as brands, we use all of the well-known manufacturers ranging from LOF to Mopar.  Of course, if you do not like these brands, we will accommodate personal requests.

Is every windshield the same? Our windshields are, because all of them must meet the standards established by the FMVSS.   So, really it becomes a matter of preference, as most of the brands we use tend to get their glass from the same glass supplier.  Ultimately, only the names are different.

How do I know who manufactured my automobile windshield? According to FMVSS, all windshields that are manufactured and sold in the United States must have the entire manufacturing plant details list on the windshield including the Department of Transportation (DOT) code. Typically, it is called a bug and will be located in the bottom corner of your windshield. You can get this DOT code from the windshield and enter into the glassBYTES/AGRR database to find out your windshield manufacturer details.